Home Restoration Services in Miami

Home Restoration Services in Miami

Water and fire are the commonest causes for home disasters which consequentially will require home restoration services. Following a disaster, such as these types, it is imperative that immediate and appropriate action is taken to reduce damages and lessen the grief as much as possible. Below is an outline of what to do after water or fire damage in a home.

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What to Do After a Small House Fire

All Pro Restoration have many years of experience in helping with home restoration services from fire damage. Over years of practice, we have developed the most effective protocols for limiting damage and restoring premises after a fire.

We Recommend Taking the Following Steps after a House Fire:

Put your safety first

You may find it challenging to take this first step following a house fire. However, regardless of the amount of damage your home has experienced, you will need to find a safe place to stay initially and, if possible, seek medical attention in case you have suffered an injury or have inhaled too much smoke.

Talk to your family and friends regarding your woes. If they aren’t willing to help, talk to a local disaster relief agency such as the Red Cross. They can offer you temporary shelter, food and clothing.

Contact Your Insurance Agency

Never fail to inform your insurance company in case of any fire outbreak. Since Insurance companies offer evidence-based compensation, be sure to call them for inspection. Otherwise, your insurance claim will be rejected.

Address Your Financial Issues

A fire outbreak should not disrupt your finances. Therefore, you need to replace debit and credit cards destroyed by fire.

Protect Your Home

All Pro Restoration’s aim is to help its clients restore their homes without having to suffer unnecessary extra expenses. For this reason, we recommend 24/7-hour security to keep away intruders who can further damage or steal your property. Additionally, if you have pets ensure they are secure. If possible, you should also take your pets to a veterinarian for a physical to rule out any health problems, as well.

Recover Your Household Items

Since Insurance secures your household items, file a claim for a replacement as stated by the policy you signed.

Steps for Flood Cleaning

You will need to drain all the stagnant water following a flood. Cleaning your house and all household items will also be top priority.

All Pro Restoration Recommends the Following Cleaning Guidelines after a Flood:

Precaution Measures

Request  a thorough professional exterior inspection to determine whether it is safe to enter. Electrical safety is critical after a flood; thus, turn off any fire hazards and gas leaks. In addition, All Pro Restoration advises its client not to mix chlorine bleach with ammonia and vinegar. We suggest using the same all-natural and safe botanical cleaning and disinfectant products that we use for disaster restoration.

We also recommend using personal protective gear like gloves, sturdy shoes, and eye protection for personal safety. Moreover, check for fire ants, snakes and other dangerous animals. If the mold has grown, wear a respirator.

All Pro Restoration has proved this effective. After ensuring a safe environment, proceed as follows;

  • Before entering, turn off the electricity and gas supply
  • Fill a flood insurance claim and contact your insurer as soon as possible
  • Do not use your water supplies until your local supplier or public health declares them safe
  • Remove all the carpet, bedding and furnishing for drying. If a need arises, discard them.

Mold Detection and Restoration Services

At times mold infestations are challenging in damp conditions or following a flood. Mold can interfere with air quality and cause an allergic reaction and respiratory complications such as asthma. Fortunately, with All Pro Restoration in Miami, you can do away with mold before it causes extreme damage. Simply contact us for a mold inspection and testing.

However, call All Pro Service for complete mold eradication if you notice the following.

  • Dark spots on walls, floors or ceilings
  • Musty odours
  • The onset of allergic symptoms like coughing and sneezing
  • Condensation on glass or metal surfaces

Mold eradication requires both experience and professionalism, which All Pro Restoration Services in Miami offers. Our restoration technicians complete thorough training before performing mold eradication. In addition, we use modern technology and advanced processes to detect and destroy mold. Call us today any time 24/7 at 239-217-1616 for help with disaster home restoration services. You may also request a quote online for non-emergencies.

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