Hurricane Restoration Services

Hurricane Response

Hurricane Restoration for Commercial & Residential Properties in South Florida

Living in Florida means that hurricane season is unavoidable. When a hurricane strikes and leaves behind a trail of destruction, your first call should be All Pro Restoration Services. Our team is trained to respond to emergency disaster restoration situations 24/7. We are a fully equipped emergency response team for fire disasterflood restoration and more who can be there quickly to assess the damage on your property and immediately get started on storm damage repairs.

Time: 24/7

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Storm Damage Services

The most likely problems associated with hurricanes and severe storms for property owners are due to flooding and strong winds. Hurricane aftermath often leads to destroyed roofs, broken windows, exterior and interior damages and more. But some of the most intense and costly destruction will be due to flooding or fire damage.

All Pro Restoration Services is an experienced storm damage restoration company and knowledgeable in all types of damages caused by hurricanes and South Florida tropical storms. The sooner you contact us to begin the restoration process, the better. The longer you allow roof damagewater leaksflooding or the effects from a fire to continue, the worse the damages will be.

Hurricane Damage
Hurricane Restoration

Hurricane Damage Inspection

As soon as our technicians arrive on site, we will begin to access the situation and immediately start preparing a plan to quickly stop all leaksflooding and all other immediate threats to prevent further damage to your home or commercial building.

All Pro Restoration Services realizes the potential disaster of the strong wind hurricanes and storms that frequent South Florida and we come prepared. However, each and every damaged home or place of business has its own story and its own special requirements. Therefore, we will derive a strategy to tackle your restoration needs quickly and effectively based on priority.

Removal and Disposal of Damaged Property

Our storm and hurricane restoration team will do what we can to preserve your property and personal belongings after the storm. Unfortunately, there will most likely be items and some structure that will not make it. For example, after flooding, affected materials such as carpet, furniture and damaged drywall will have to be removed. We will take care of the removal and disposal.

Call All Pro Restoration Services for help with hurricane damage to your property at (305) 469-6441. For non-emergencies, you may also contact us online.


Hurricane Restoration Services

Our hurricane restoration technicians are skilled and ready to take on the aftermath on your property from every hurricane or storm, including but not limited to:

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All Pro Restoration Services will be standing by and ready to assist your home or commercial building with exactly what it needs following a hurricane or severe storm. We service the entire South Florida area, including Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

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