What to Do After Fire Damage?

What to Do After Fire Damage?

Residential and commercial fire damage can be a very traumatic experience for all persons involved. It leads to fear and emotional distress, not to mention the devastating reality of the damage to your property.

When your house catches fire, you may have mixed reactions and questions such as:

  • ‘Does insurance cover fire damage?’
  • ‘Who do you call?’
  • ‘Is it safe to re-enter into your home?’
  • and most importantly, ‘What do you do?’
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Below are answers to some of these questions after a fire:

what to do after a flood

Check with Your Family

Checking with your family may seem obvious, but you may forget even the most critical things with the fire confusion. So, first, check in to make sure that everyone who was present in the house during the fire is okay. This is especially important if there were elderly persons or children inside. Next, contact other family members and let them know what happened. If you don’t have family members close by, be sure to contact your close friends. You may need support as the fire restoration process begins.

Be sure to check the health of your loved ones, for there are several health risks after a house fire.

what to do after a flood

Contact Your Homeowner Insurance Company

It’s crucial that you contact your homeowner insurance company to let them know of the fire damage. They may want to send an insurance agent to inspect the cause of the fire and damage. In addition, the insurance agents can guide you through emergency lodging and living expenses. They may also contact fire restoration companies that  offer smoke damage repair and fire damage restoration. The best restoration companies, such as All Pro Restoration Services, will work with your insurance company to handle the damages. Be sure to get written agreements on whose going to cover for what costs.

what to do after a flood

Figure Out if Your Home or Other Possessions Are Salvageable

Depending on the size of the fire, your home may be damaged entirely with nothing to salvage, or it may be partially damaged. Your insurance company comes in handy when deciding on whether the home is to be rebuilt or repaired. Also, check for any salvageable possessions. However, be very careful to avoid getting caught up by the fire or the smoke. A fire restoration company can come in handy when salvaging the possessions.

what to do after a flood

Find a Place to Stay

No matter the fire damage, you’re likely not to stay in your home for a while. If you’re not comfortable staying with your family or friends, contact local disaster relief services for help. However, most homeowner’s insurance policies pay for clothing, shelter, and food during the fire restoration process or period. For a quick and effective fire restoration process, be sure to Call All Pro Restoration Services at 239-217-1616 or contact us online. We provide quality fire restoration services with a team that’s highly attentive to detail. You can rely on All Pro to salvage any undamaged possessions, and most importantly, they ensure that you get back to the comfort of your home as soon as possible.