Smoke Damage Remediation

Smoke Damage Restoration Services in South Florida

Fire causes irreversible harm to building structures. Even a small fire that has been put out quickly can cause significant smoke damage. Smoke can penetrate through the small crevices of walls and cause smoke odor. The smell lingers around for months.

Is the Smell of Smoke Harmful?

Yes. Smoke consists of fine particles that get embedded in the walls, carpets, curtains, etc. The smell affects the indoor air quality. It can cause serious health hazards such as chemical irritation and asphyxiation.

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How to Control Smoke Smell After a Fire

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#Tip 1: Hire a Good Smoke Damage Remediation Service

Smoke odor removal is best done with the help of professionals. DIY techniques are not sufficient to achieve 100% results. A good smoke remediation company uses advanced techniques to ensure your home is entirely smoke-free after a fire. Their experience makes the job easier and much quicker too.

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#Tip 2: Repaint the Walls

Walls absorb the smell of smoke. Start by cleaning the fire damaged walls using chemical compounds that can neutralize odors. Then, use a good primer to seal the odor and finally repaint the walls.

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#Tip 3: Deal with the Fabric Items

Most often, homes lose most of their fabric items in a fire. If you have been able to save them, clean them thoroughly and move them into another building. It would help if you placed duvets, blankets, clothes, and towels away from the affected property until the smoke smell leaves the building entirely. Hire a Miami smoke remediation services company that can offer dry cleaning services for all your clothes and textile products.

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#Tip 4: Check Your Upholstery and Carpet

Carpets and upholstery are the most difficult things to clean. Yet, they are highly susceptible to lodge the fine particles of smoke. Steam cleaning is an excellent option to handle these smoke-damaged items. Check with your smoke damage restoration services for these services too.

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#Tip 5: Keep the Place Ventilated

The affected area must be well-ventilated by allowing fresh air to pass through it. Keep windows and doors open. Position fans strategically (facing doorways or in the corners of rooms) to guide the smoke odor out of the rooms.

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#Tip 6: Check the HVAC System

After a fire accident:

  • First. change the air filters in your HVAC system.
  • Get the HVAC system inspected for damage.
  • Use an air duct cleaning service to ensure no smoke particles are trapped, and the indoor air quality is good.
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#Tip 7: Solid Surfaces Must Be Cleaned

Finally, ensure that all solid surfaces, including uncarpeted walls, ceiling, furniture, doors, shelves, and cupboards, are cleaned. Using all-natural cleaning products that are tough enough to fight the stains and odor is a great idea.

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100% Environmental Friendly

We offer a full set of environmental friendly solutions that are used to help with mold remediation, and cleaning up fire and water damages.

Where to Get Help After a House Fire?

Smoke can cause severe damage to your property and health. The longer you take to treat smoke and odor, the greater the damage. The best thing to do to mitigate the impact of smoke is to reach out to trusted professionals

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