How to Remove Smoke Smell from Fire Damage?

Help to Remove Smoke Smell Following a Fire

A fire is one of the worst incidents that can happen to a home. Among other things, it can destroy furniture, home appliances and the structural make up of a home. Aside from the proximal damage incurred by a fire, it can leave a long-lasting impact.

A lingering smoke odor is an example of the long-lasting effects left behind by a fire. It compromised the air quality of a home and poses hazards to the occupants of the house.

cleaning after fire damage

Tips for Getting Rid of Smoke Odor in Your Home after a Fire:

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1. Air Out the House

Leaving all of the doors and windows open is a great way of ventilating the indoor air. There may still be smoke particles in the air of the home, so letting it ventilate before more of it settles into the walls and furniture will help later on.

2. Use Fire Smoke Odor Removal Products

You’ll need to use smoke odor removal products to tackle the smoke smell that has settled into furniture. Smoke is a gas, gas particles can disperse rapidly and widely, making it difficult to remove smoke from furniture. Even with the aid of smoke and odor removal products, you might still need to consider hiring a professional property restoration solutions company.

3. Do a Deep Clean

Conducting a thorough deep clean on the house is the only way to really tackle the undesirable smoke odor left behind by a fire. With a deep clean, literally every inch of every surface and piece of furniture needs to be addressed.

You’ll need to remove all the curtains, rugs and furniture covers, clean every window, door, and surface, and thoroughly wash the walls floor and ceilings.

Don’t Have Time to Do it Yourself?

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