Does Carpet Need to Be Replaced After a Flood?

Disaster strikes! A storm came through and flooded your home and now you need flood water damage restoration. But your home has many different parts. What is restorable and what needs replacement? For example, can you save carpet after a flood?
The answer is usually ‘no’. You should replace the carpet after a flood, especially when doing a whole home flood restoration. If you don’t, you could be watching for signs of mold under carpet in the coming days.

Your Flood Water Damage Restoration Experts

There could be some rugs and other carpets that don’t use padding. For example, a throw rug for a hardwood floor could be savable, it depends on the damage. The main problem with installed carpet replacement is the padding. Padding degrades in water much quicker than carpet fiber.

If your carpet was in the water for less than 24 hours, there is a slight chance of salvage. Even this depends on the water's categorization:

Category 1 Flood Water

Comes from clean water such as broken water lines that move water into your home.

Category 2 Flood Water

Is dirty water from your sewer backing up or the toilet overflowing.

Category 3 flood water

Is the most serious. This occurs when a sewer line breaks and floods your home.

How Long Does It Take to Dry Out Water Damage?

With the correct water damage drying equipment, getting back to normal is a matter of hiring professionals. After inspections and creating a plan of action, experts differentiate the savable from the destroyed.

Flood water damage restoration deserves experts that care about getting you and your family back to normal. From carpet flood restoration to home repairs, our experts put your home back the way it was.

How Soon Does Mold Grow After a Flood?

For mold removal restoration, keep in mind mold can begin developing in 24-48 hours. The softer and more porous something is the more prone it is to mold formation. Remember, speed is key. The quicker you start drying out your house the safer it will be for everyone.

Call Someone Who Knows About Restoration After a Flood

The All Pro Restoration experts in water damage restoration services will know how to make your home feel like it did before the flood. Part of that is cleaning up the mess. Our experts know what to clean carpets with after mold restoration. Moreover, our water damage repair professionals believe your normal is the best place to be. Call today for your FREE estimate! 305-469-6441

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