How to Dry Out Walls after Water Damage

Drying Out Walls After Water Damage in Homes and Commercial Buildings

With the recent increase in unpredictable weather, knowing the steps to take to dry out walls after water damage could be key to flood damage restoration. It is crucial that you act. Signs of mold inside your walls could show up in as little as 24 hours.

From damage by hurricanes to rivers overflowing from rain, you’ll need to contact the best flood restoration company. Drying walls after water damage isn’t a matter of turning on a few big fans. Our experts inspect your home and come up with a restoration plan.

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If your carpet was in the water for less than 24 hours, there is a slight chance of salvage. Even this depends on the water’s categorization.

Steps to Dry Out Walls:

  • Get everything off your walls and store the items away from any water sources

You’ll also need to grasp what belongings you want to try and save and those you know aren’t salvageable.


  • Open windows and doors

You need to start air-circulating through the damaged area. Some parts of the country that are humid may take much longer to dry out.


  • Call a restoration flood company right away!

Remember, your water damage dry-out requires careful inspection of drywall and other internal home elements.

Can Mold Be Detected Behind Walls?

Yes, you can detect mold behind walls, especially if the mold points to signs of water damage in the walls. Of course, only those experts with the right tools can find mold behind walls.

Mold grows like a plant. Instead of pollen, mold uses spores that can get inside someone’s respiratory system and cause illness and even death. The best company for flood restoration is one that knows the geographical area. These local companies lead restoration solutions that understand how to work with an area’s weather forecasts.

Most modern homes use drywall for constructing at least some interior walls. Drywall consists of gypsum sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper. Gypsum and heavy paper degrade once they get wet. In other words, the material loses its structural integrity.

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Contact a Mold Detection Service

A professional water removal and mold restoration company has the tools and expertise that look for signs of mold in walls and signs of mold behind walls. Drywall in its weakened structural state encourages mold growth, particularly paper, which is organic and biodegradable.

You Can Get Back Your Normal

Water and mold restoration often go together precisely because of building materials like drywall. Give All Pro Restoration Services  a call at 239-217-1616 for for help to dry out walls after a flood . We also provide mold detection and removal after the floodwaters subside and the news forgets!