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Is Mold Giving You Sleepless Nights in Your Home or Causing Problems in Your Business?

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Mold clean up can be costly and challenging to eliminate. Its presence poses a significant amount of risk to your health. One of the primary factors that lead to the accumulation of mold in your property is the inappropriate handling of water damage. If the mold is left unattended, it could lead to an unsafe living or working environment as a result of reduced indoor air quality.

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Miami Mold Remediation

If your commercial building or home has a mold problem, don’t hesitate to procure the services of our certified mold inspection, mold remediation, and mold restoration specialists in Miami to help get rid of mold and restore your property.

We guarantee the best quality inspection and mold removal services in Miami by capitalizing on our thoroughly trained experts’ skills and experience. Our certified mold specialists are specifically trained in mold remediation techniques, including containment methods, engineering controls, safety measures, and how to use standard approved work professionalism and practices. When you enlist All Pro Restoration Services for your mold inspection, remediation, and restoration needs, you’re hiring efficiency, transparency, and quality at a competitive price. Actually, with us, you don’t choose between quality and price—we offer both.

We also offer other disaster restoration services, including fire damage, water damage and hurricane response.

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What Causes Mold in Homes or Commercial Buildings?

Mold and moisture go hand in hand. The first step in getting rid of mold is addressing the moisture problem in your property. At All Pro Restoration Services, we provide water damage remediation services in Miami and its surroundings. These services are guaranteed to immediately and efficiently mitigate mold issues to prevent any mold reoccurrence.

However, we acknowledge the possibility of mold reappearing. In this case, we will send our team of mold inspection specialists licensed by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to completely remediate the issue.

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Causes Mold

What Are the Dangers of Mold?

Mold has the potential of causing the following challenges:

Long-term diseases

Breathing problems

Sneezing Problems



Mold Inspection, Remediation, and Restoration Services

At All Pro Restoration Services, we provide the following services that are guaranteed to fully restore your home or commercial building at a fair price:


Our Miami mold specialists will inspect and identify the mold-infested areas, after which our mold removal technicians will embark on getting rid of the mold. This will be followed by thoroughly deodorizing your entire home or commercial building. After the mold has been eliminated, the musty smell associated with its presence will disappear. Our deodorization services include sanitizing and cleaning the affected structures, content, and fixtures with tough botanical cleaning products created with restoration projects in mind.


We created and use the toughest disinfectants and cleaners for cleaning up disasters for firewatermold and stubborn odors. These botanical solutions safely disinfect and provide reassurance that your home or commercial building will be safe for re-entry.

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Mold Inspection, Remediation & Restoration Services

Mold Restoration Services: Sanitation and Cleaning of Structures, Contents, and Fixtures

The process of mold restoration is prone to affect porous materials such as ceiling tiles and insulation. Don’t worry! We will carefully remove all the affected materials and replace them with new ones.

Cleaning of other surfaces will depend on the severity level of the mold and the items in question. At All Pro Restoration Services, we employ top-notch technology in property cleaning and sanitation. We use damp wipes, wet vacuum, or HEPA-vacuum after the structures have dried.

Remediation & Restoration Services

Containment in Affected Area(s)

Depending on the severity of the damage resulting from mold, we will employ different containment levels in a bid to prevent the spread of mold spores to other areas. Activities involved in our containment process include closing doors and windows to other areas, sealing the area using polyethylene sheeting, and covering HVAC vents.

We use FLIR thermal imaging cameras and moisture readers to pinpoint water intrusion that causes mold growth.