What are the Signs and Symptoms of Mold Exposure?

Your home is the only place where you can feel safe and comfortable. It is a place where your family lives and relaxes. Unfortunately, mold can creep in and endanger your home’s structure, as well as you and your family’s health. You might not know how to detect mold infestations, yet they may trigger various problems that may make your home a dangerous place to live. Luckily, there are signs of mold exposure that you can note and take the necessary action. When you notice the following signs of mold sickness, the sooner you seek help, the better:

Signs of a Mold

A Leaking Roof

One of the top signs of mold in the home is when your roof starts leaking. Once you notice mold in attic from a roof leak spreading throughout your home, the chances are that your home is infested with mold. Leaks might not be caused by mold, but the conditions that lead to the former provide an excellent growing environment for the latter. If you have mold from a water leak, get a roofing contractor to fix the leak before it worsens.

Nasty Odors in the House

Mold tends to produce a foul smell that many people have most likely noticed at some point. Thankfully, that musty and moldy odor brings to your attention that you have a heavy presence of mold and need to hire a professional. Most homeowners to not know how to get rid of mold from water leaks on their own, and that can become a problem if ignored. The best way to remove mold is by seeking help from a licensed mold removal mediation service.

How to Identify Mold

If you discover mold in your home or commercial property, do not leave it unaddressed. Regardless of where the leak is coming from, whether it’s mold from an ac leak; ceiling leak; a leaking pipe; or from a toilet leak; the mold must be addressed.

Mold might look like dust or dust staining the wall, but not always. If you have mold in the attic from a roof leak, one of the best ways of identifying it is by knowing what colors to expect. Mold comes in different colors, such as gray, brown, green, white and black. The moment you notice any visible signs of decay, don't hesitate to seek help from a mold removal company.

Health Problems from Mold

It is not uncommon to hear someone ask, "Is mold from a water leak dangerous?" Well, yes, it is! When you are exposed to mold, you may develop mold illness or other serious health conditions. One very noticeable health symptom as a result of mold exposure is extremely dry skin. Look for mold damage restoration services to take care of the mold problem in your home or building before negative health condition or structure damage becomes out-of-control.

Mold can grow anywhere in your home as long as there is dampness. Luckily, with black mold removal services and home restoration services, you can stop and eliminate mold spread for good. Your best bet is to seek out a water and mold remediation professional who is knowledgeable and experienced at removing mold problems in your area. Contact All Pro Restoration Services in Miami at 305-469-6441 to learn more about the signs of mold in home or to schedule a FREE consultation.

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