Mold Assessment in Miami

Mold Assessment in Miami

If you’ve discovered what you suspect to be the signs of mold in your home or business, you need to get it assessed as soon as possible. The presence of mold can cause a number of health issues, cause damage to your property, and can also be potentially costly to remedy if left to worsen.

So, if you are looking for mold assessment services in Miami, call All Pro Restoration and get one of our certified mold remediation specialists to provide you with a consultation. Our mold assessment services include a complete and thorough visual inspection, and we also use FLIR thermal imaging cameras and moisture readers to pinpoint water intrusion that causes mold growth.

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Mold Assessment FAQs

Unfortunately, mold is a common problem in homes and businesses. However, most people don’t know how to assess the severity of the problem or what to do about it. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about mold assessment and remediation.

Should I have a Mold Assessment Done When Buying a House?

When buying a house, if you see signs of mold, you should definitely have a mold assessment done, especially if you are sensitive or have an allergy to mold spores. However, you may not always see the signs of mold, as it may be hidden away in crawl spaces or within walls. Therefore we would recommend having an assessment using one of our expert mold remediation specialists before purchasing any property.

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What are the Signs of Mold?

A few signs may indicate mold in your home, even if you can’t immediately see it. These include:

Strange smells from your air conditioning or heating

The grout between your bathroom tiles is dark

Peeling wallpaper

A cold that doesn't go away

Dark or colored spots on your walls

Asthma mysteriously worsening

Itchy eyes or skin

What is a Mold Assessment?

During mold assessment, our mold restoration specialists use a step-by-step process to discover what mold is present, if any, and how severe the infestation is. To locate the source and location of the mold, we use a variety of methods, including air quality testing, visual inspection, and physical inspection. This will let us know what is contributing to the mold growth, such as ‘food’ sources for the mold, and moisture.

Once the assessment has been done, the level of mold remediation can be determined. Our mold assessment technician will take samples from different areas of the building and check moisture levels to discover which areas require mold remediation and if conditions are right for mold growth in other areas.

What Is Involved in a Mold Assessment?

During a mold assessment, technicians will use a hygrometer to measure model content in the air, which will determine if enough moisture is present to start mold growth. They will also use a moisture meter to measure the amount of water in wood, drywall, or any other vulnerable areas.

Thermal imaging will also be used to detect heat patterns and temperature changes. This can be particularly effective in finding leaks or hidden moisture in the structure of a building.

If mold is growing in a crawlspace or within a wall, it may be difficult to locate. In these cases, our mold assessment technicians will use a borescope. This is a camera on the end of a long, flexible scope that displays a live image that can also be recorded.

Finally, there is the testing for mold. This will usually involve either tape lift testing or air sample testing. These tests enable mold assessment specialists to determine the type of mold present and determine the best methods for mold remediation.

If you suspect there may be mold in your home or commercial building in Miami or the surrounding areas, call All Pro Restoration Services at 239-217-1616 or simply request a quote online.