24 Hour Water Restoration Services in Miami

24 Hour Water Restoration Services in Miami

Flooding is associated with the widespread wall, floor, carpet, mold infestation, among other damages. However, with All Pro Restoration Services, you can prevent mold growth and reclaim the integrity of your carpets, walls and floor. Therefore, if a flood hits your house, contact us right away..

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Wall Restoration After Flooding

The mainstay of preventing permanent wall damage from water and restoring its integrity is draining the stagnant water as soon as the flood recedes.

The other way is to prevent mold growth. If your house is mold laden before the cleanup, contact All Pro Restoration for more information about mold removal services to avoid mold hazards such as allergic reaction, coughing, running nose, and asthmatic attacks.

To restore wall integrity, All Pro Restoration does the following;

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Mold Prevention

Mold prevention is crucial after a flood because it is an extreme health hazard. A mold infestation can cause allergies like running nose, skin reactions, coughing and sneezing. Moreover, the smell of mold interferes with indoor air quality. Mold prevention is essential, especially if you have an asthmatic household member as mold can trigger acute attacks.

What We Do to Prevent Mold Growth after Water Damage

  1. Humidity control to lower humidity levels. We do this by draining out all indoor water intrusion and drying out the structure.
  2. Ensure adequate air circulation. Our technicians always use exhaust systems that vent outside.
  3. Thorough cleaning and disinfecting to prevent mold growth and stop any existing. We clean all surfaces and contents with safe and natural mold killing products. In case you have soaked carpet, put them outside for drying. If drying is impossible or can’t dry immediately, it may be safer to discard rather than take them back.

Mold growth isn’t only limited to floors and walls, so our team will check windows, ceiling tiles and the roof. Mold can also grow on wallpaper, paint, drywall and carpet. Anyone who has dealt with a mold infestation would agree that this can be very intense. 

Fortunately, All Pro Restoration Services in South Florida is available to inspect, prevent, test and get rid of mold at reasonable prices.

Floor Restoration after Flooding

After a thorough cleaning following a flood, you should repair or protect your floors from further damage. There are many ways of protecting floors after flooding. The first step is to allow time for adequate drying. It is important to delay all permanent repairs until the structure has been completely dried out.

If you have a wooden floor, we will remove a board every few feet to reduce buckling due to swelling. The floors will be cleaned and dried thoroughly before attempting repairs. This process can take some time.

If you have sheet flooring and water has seeped through, All Pro Restoration will provide professional water restoration services, including removal and repair. If your subflooring is concrete, we may need to remove the covering to hasten the drying of the slab. However, if there is a risk of causing further damage, we may avoid removal.

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Contact Us for Reliable Water Restoration Services

All Pro Restoration is the perfect business partner. With them, you will be sure of recovering your home to pre-damage status. We are always glad to answer any concerns from clients 24 hours a day. The best thing about All Pro Restoration Services is that we respond immediately.

If your home or building has experienced flooding and requires disaster water restoration services in South Florida, contact us right away by calling 239-217-1616. You may also request a quote online for non-emergencies.