Who Cleans Up After a House Fire?

Who Cleans Up After a House Fire?

Unless you’ve experienced a home fire firsthand, you may have never considered who cleans up after a house fire. A home fire can cause long-lasting damage to a home, especially if not dealt with in a timely manner. Burn marks, a pervasively after-fire smoke smell and water marks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fire damage. 

Fire damage repair involves a great deal more than simply removing smoke damage from walls. It also involved rectifying wood flow water damage, carpet damage, drywall damage, and mold detection and remediation

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Where to Get Help After a House Fire?

After a house fire, seek help from your local fire damage restoration service. With help from a professional, you can make cleaning up after a fire that much easier. 

All Pro Restoration can provide you with certified fire damage technicians who are fully qualified and highly experience is fire smoke and odor removal

Does Home Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Fire damage repair is usually covered by home insurance policies, so you won’t need to finance it yourself. With All Pro restoration, we send the bill straight to your insurance company and ensure that you don’t need to wait long for reimbursement. We also don’t ask for upfront payment from you upon providing services. 

Our aim is to make the aftermath of a fire easier for you, so you can minimize stress and deal with what matters most. 

How to Clean After Fire Damage

Cleaning up after a fire requires serious care and attention which is why it can be necessary to employ professional fire damage services to take care of it. 

Ensuring Site Safety

The first and most important step in fire damage restoration is to ensure that there are no electrical hazards. If electricity was part of the cause of the fire, it might mean that there are faults with some electrical wires.

Exterior Restoration

Damage to the exterior of a house can take the form as scorch marks on the exterior walls, debris, damaged gutters, and removal of fire extinguisher foam.

Interior Restoration

Seeing as most fires arise from inside the house, interior damage is often the most extensive. Every aspect of the interior of a house needs to be considered, this includes the walls, floors ceilings, furniture, even the air. 

Need a Professional Fire Restoration Service?

All Pro Restoration offers a full range of fire damage repair services. Our team of certified experts aim to make the post-fire process easier for clients. We deal with all aspects of fire damage from interior to exterior damage. Call 239-217-1616 today for a FREE estimate anytime, 24/7!