What to Do After a Flood in Your House

What to Do After a Flood in Your House

Our homes, those places of comfort where we retreat and live to begin another day, are coming at risk of damage from floodwater. Even whole towns are at risk as unpredictable weather patterns create a once-in-a-century flood.

What Happens After a Flood?

We can view flood damage as a timeline. Floods happen in specific areas. For example, the seashore where hurricanes make landfall or flood plains where rivers flood people living too close.

Some floods happen quickly. Others come in slow and take days to subside. There will be a large deluge of water covering everything as the water slowly dissipates. You may need to cope with standing water.

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What Problems Can Arise from Standing Water?

Water left behind after a flood is almost always contaminated. Remember, a home uses systems (like sewage) that keep people and pets away from illnesses caused by standing water. Infections such as salmonella can come from standing water.

Outside in flooded streets, cars and other vehicles leached fuels into the water. This causes skin issues, not to mention what happens if someone swallows oil-contaminated water. The simple truth. Only a water damage flood restoration company has the tools and expertise to help you recover from flood damage.

The Biggest Health Issue After a Flood Could be Long-Term Mold Exposure

There are many things inside our homes that are prone to damage from mold and mildew. Drywall is the biggest concern because most modern homes use drywall for internal walls. How quickly does mold grow after flooding? It can happen within 24 hours. It depends on the relative humidity.

Hire a reputable restoration company that knows how to prevent mold formation after flooding. For your water damage cleanup needs, you’ll want a professional mold removal company that knows your area’s mold growth rate.

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How Do You Detect Mold after a Flood?

Sometimes detecting mold is as simple as finding water leaks. So, a flood damage restoration company should know how to detect water leaks. At All Pro Restoration in Miami, we use a thermal camera to detect water leaks, which can detect mold if the leak has been happening for a long time. Call 239-217-1616. You may also contact us online today for your non-emergency restoration needs!