How to Tarp a Flat Roof

After a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado or severe storm, the first crucial recovery phase is rehabilitating your home. Your roof is the most exposed part of your house and will often  be impacted with the worst damage.  These damages typically  will require immediate attention.

After a severe storm or other natural disasters, finding professionals who will immediately fix your roof can be challenging when you don’t know who to contact. The best roof repair companies will be too busy with other homes and businesses damaged.  

Flat roof leak repair is one of the best ways of preventing further damage and massive repair costs down the road. Temporarily tarping a roof almost always is the first step in roof leak repair.

If you are in the position of needing to take matters into your own hands, the following is a guide on the best way to secure a tarp to a roof:

Essential items

Tips on how to put tarp on a flat roof

Clean the debris

Before you start anything, remove all the debris from the roof. It will help you identify the leak source more comfortably, especially when dealing with a black roof tarp.

Get the measurements for the area that should be covered with a tarp

Measure the dimensions of the damaged area before buying roof tarps. There are tarps of all the sizes available. Regardless, select the highest quality, waterproof roof tarps to prevent any water damage in your home.

Create an anchor board

With your cap nails, attach the peak end of the tarp. The board you use should be at least 2” longer than the width of the tarp.

Sandwich the tarp

Attach two by four boards to both edges of the tarp on the peak side perpendicular to the anchor board. It holds the tarp tight to the roof, keeping the water out.

Ensure all edges are secured

Finally, attach two by four boards below the sides of the tarp. It helps in keeping the water out of the tarp and away from your home. Since flat roof leaks in heavy rain, this should help secure the tarp.

Doing repair tasks for your home like roof tarping should be satisfying and safe. Sometimes, a flood damage restoration service might be helpful, especially if you find it challenging to repair or replace your home’s damaged roof. Call All Pro Restoration Service at 305-469-6441 or Contact us today online to learn more about the benefits of having your roof tarp installed by experts.

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