How to Install a Roof Tarp

How to Install a Roof Tarp

When there has been an extreme weather event, roofers receive limitless response calls from homeowners and businesses whose roofs have been impacted. It is important to know how to correctly install a roof tarp, as trusted professionals may not be available to respond to your urgent roof repair needs.

Tools and Materials Necessary to Install a Roof Tarp:

  • A ladder and safety equipment
  • Measuring tape
  • Suitably sized tarp
  • Thin wooden boards
  • Tools for removing debris
  • Nails or screws
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Once you have everything you need to install a tarp for roof leaks, the following is the procedure that professional roofers use:

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Examine the Roof and Take Measurements

To begin: roofers examine the roof to determine where in the ceiling a tarp is needed. They know the best way to tarp a roof, and the first thing is often to choose the tarp size required for the damaged area.
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Selecting a Tarp

Roofers select the tarp that should be placed on the roof depending on the amount of damage. The tarp used should be long enough to hang over the ridge of the roof.

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Get Rid of Debris

The next step is removing any debris from the roof, such as shingles and nails. If trash gets left behind, it can clog the gutters, interfere with the proper water flow, and cause more roof issues.

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Unfurl Tarp

Roofers will be required to unfurl the tarp and place it over the damaged area. If you are using adhesive roof tarps, the backing on the adhesive should be removed to secure the tap.

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Secure Tarp

If you require temporary coverage for roof leaks, it will help if you understood the average cost to tarp a roof. If you need to secure the tarp with nails and screws, you should wrap the end of the tarp around a piece of lumber as an anchor. Remember, if your roof leaks in heavy rain, a secured tarp should do the trick. While there are many roof tarp sizes, as long as the entire tarp end is wrapped around the board, it spreads out the pressure through the whole tarp making it unlikely to be ripped off.

Depending on the extent of the destruction, your structure may require storm damage restoration services by a professional property restoration company. All Pro Restoration Services in Miami is experienced at finding roof leaks and repairing roofs after storms. Contact us to learn more about how to find a roof leak.