How Long Will A Tarp Last on a Roof?

How Long Will A Tarp Last on a Roof?

Many environmental and application issues make it almost impossible to determine the exact lifespan of a roof tarp. If you pursue a roof repair tarp, its lifespan should be among your primary considerations (depending on what is suitable for your needs). If you are not careful, you might end up spending hundreds of dollars. For instance, FEMA blue roof tarps tend to last long enough to get you ready for a permanent repair. On the other hand, if you check billboard ads, the average time spent is six months. However, some people who use vinyl tarps say they have used them for more than ten years. Understandably, vinyl is more potent than poly material and should last much longer. 

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What is the Longest-Lasting Tarp Material?

With the help of professionals who know how to tarp a roof and use the vinyl material properly, it should last up to ten times more than standard poly tarps. These vinyl roof tarp prices might be significantly higher, but they are worth every penny.

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Do Tarps Leak?

When it rains, you might find your roof is starting to leak due to wear and tear. It may be essential to know, does home insurance cover roof leaks? The last thing you need is water damage from leaking roof, so you must look for roof leak repair services. Considering that different materials lose their waterproof capabilities over time, you must frequently examine your tarp material.

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Ultimately, How Long Should the Roof Tarp Last?

If you get a 30×30 roof tarp or large roof tarps and have it installed correctly, you can expect it to last for approximately two years, considering the roof’s slope. The size you choose will depend on the roof’s peak in relation to the leaking area on the roof.

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Are Waterproof Tarps Long-Lasting?

If you look for waterproof tarps, you should expect them to last significantly lower. Luckily, vinyl tarps are waterproof, and thanks to their industrial-strength, they are flame retardant, tear, rip and mildew resistant. They are also resistant to oil, acid and grease. When they can resist such harsh environments and have been installed by a professional who understands how to properly tarp a roof, you can rest assured they will last for long and provide value for your money.

While how long your roof tarps last is not conclusive, proper care and maintenance helps them last for long. It contributes significantly to a long lifespan. It will help if you look for a 24-hour water restoration service if you want your roof tarp to serve you for a long time. However, when it comes to how long a tarp lasts, it comes down to the material you use and how you take care of it. Contact All Pro Restoration Services in Miami to learn more about the factors to consider when shopping for tarps.

Depending on the extent of the destruction, your structure may require storm damage restoration services by a professional property restoration company. All Pro Restoration Services in Miami is experienced at finding roof leaks and repairing roofs after storms. Contact us to learn more about how to find a roof leak.