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Water Leak Detection Company

In case you are searching for a water leak detection company in your area, then your search is over. As part of our unbreakable dedication to our customers, at All Pro Restoration Services, we integrated the advisory and field services to our portfolio.

Common causes of water leaking pipes

The main reason for water pipes leakage is coming from the plumbing fixtures, that in time is getting worn becoming a significant source for water leaking. There are multiple reasons why a good pipe today will start leaking tomorrow:

  • In case the piping system is done with traditional ferrous pipes or fixtures, the chloramines in municipal water are causing rapid corrosion of them
  • Frequent changes in temperature: every time we wash a dish or take a shower, a flow of hot water will go through the pipe leading to its dilation. Later, when the tube is cooling down, it will happen the reverse phenomenon of shrinkage. The dilation – shrinkage cycles might cause some pipes to burst or crack leading to leakages
  • Shifting: the above thermal effect of hot water is generating horizontal moved in the distribution system creating over time displacement
  • Accidental high-pressure water in the pipes can lead to pipe burst or cracks
  • Clogs from hair, grease, small pieces of clothing, or toilet paper are seemingly unavoidable in any household. If not detected on time clogs may also be a source of future leakages

A professional water leak detection company with a deep understanding of root causes can provide a thorough analysis and implement a variety of remedies. Is better to be safe than sorry, so the earlier qualified expertise if offer the less expected damages in the future.

What is better - copper or plastic pipes?

Well, this depends on the quality of water municipality provides. On the one hand, plumbers prefer copper pipes because they are easier to shape and fixe, while also providing excellent resistance to corrosion. Unfortunately, high-level chloramines are the leading cause of corrosion of copper pipes, so if the water in high in chloramines in the area a better option may be a PVC pipe.

On the other hand, cooper is a natural resource existing in the earth’s crust, having antimicrobial effects, which makes it safer than plastic pipes. Under certain conditions, plastic pipes can leak certain chemicals into the water. Also, plastic does not have excellent sunlight resistance, so which means you can't use the pipes outside.

Both materials display a variety of pros and cons, as we don’t currently have pipes that are 100% safe. We must choose the best options available.

Ok, we selected our pipes; the system is running smoothly for a while, so why do we need a water leak detection company? Even if there are no problems now, a fault may occur anytime in the future. Our duty at All Pro Restoration Services is to ensure that your pipes will run flawlessly for a long time with no foreseeable damage to your property.

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