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Water Extraction Miami

Having a flood in your home can be a scary experience and can also be insanely messy if not taken care of properly. To take care of it properly, be sure to call a qualified restoration company right away. Here is a handy checklist that our team of experts at All Pro Restoration Services has put together to help you deal with water extraction in Miami until the experts arrive.

Shut Down The Water

The first tool you’ll need regarding safe water extraction in Miami is where the water shutoff valve to your home is. While each fixture in your home has its own water shut off valve, the main valve to your home needs to be located and turned off immediately to prevent further damage. If you’re not sure where your water shut off valve is, contact a plumber or a water damage specialist for a quick tutorial to help you locate it.

Dry Off What You Can

The next thing you want to do is make sure you dry off what you can. Take extra safety precautions when navigating your home and if you’re in doubt about something, leave it to the experts. If you can safely do so, open the windows and doors and run fans throughout the home to dry out some of your things. Mold can set in and spread quickly so doing these little actions until the experts arrive could be very helpful.

Turn Off The Electricity

We likely don’t need to remind you that electricity and water are not a good combination. You can keep yourself and your family safer if you’re able to turn off the electricity to the house. If only one area of your home is affected and you’re able to reach the circuit breaker safely without walking through water, turn off the power supply to those outlets and fixtures.

Prepare For The Future

Having a water-safe home involves some prevention. Knowing how to handle water catastrophes is important but also making sure your foundation is in good repair and all your fixtures are working properly are also important. If you have a problem with frozen or bursting pipes during the colder parts of the year, insulating your plumbing is also a good idea.

Have A Plan In Place

When you call water extraction and restoration experts, we will help you come up with a plan and an estimate for how much it will cost. Having a plan in place before an accident occurs will give you peace of mind when it comes to caring for certain situations such as asbestos removal or mold issues.

Let The Experts Take Care Of It

Proper water extraction in Miami is serious business. You may feel well equipped to handle it on your own when disaster strikes, but the safest thing you can do is call the experts. We can help make sure that the damage to your personal belongings and the structure of your home is as minimal as possible while removing serious health concerns.

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