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Water Damage Restoration Miami

After a flood or other major water catastrophe in your home, calling professionals for water damage restoration in Miami is essential. Letting water sit can result in mold growth, which can quickly put you and your family at risk for various health issues and respiratory problems.

However, it can often be difficult to determine if a flood or other water event is leading to mold growth in your home. fortunately, we have put together the following brief checklist to help you identify mold problems at home.

Search For It

There are some tasks surrounding water damage restoration in Miami that you can do yourself. First of all, the simplest way to identify if you have a mold problem at home is to look for it. Mold is usually very visible if you know where to look for it.

The first places you’re going to look when you’re trying to spot a mold concern is anywhere that tends to get damp. Check in the bathroom around your fixtures, in the sink cabinet, and around the tub. While most people are familiar with black or green mold, take note that mold can also be white, gray, or yellow.

Use Your Nose

Mold has a very distinctive smell that many people write off as being something else, such as dust or musty odors. If you walk into your laundry room for example and notice that it kind of smells like a wet gym bag, this is your nose alerting you to the possible presence of mold.

Remember, however, that not all mold has an odor and sometimes toxic mold is virtually undetectable by smell or sight. In these instances, contacting a mold remediation and inspection company like ours is the best thing you can do.

Review Home History

Has any part of your home, particularly the basement, flooded in the past? Whether you are a long-time homeowner or buying your first house, you’ll want to know about the home’s history of flooding so you can know going forward whether you need to worry about the presence of mold.

Talk to an insurance agent when you’re shopping for homeowner’s insurance or before you buy the house. They can tell you whether there have been any water damage-related claims made on the property in the last few years. This can be invaluable information and may save you a lot of trouble if you discover that the home has extensive water damage concerns that could mean mold.

Keep An Eye On Your Windows

During the wintertime, the rain and cold weather outside can actually have a huge impact on the mold situation inside. If your windows are always getting foggy during the winter, this could be the result of excess moisture, which could be a serious problem if not take care of right away. Work with a water damage restoration company to ensure you don’t have fungal growth culminating from the excess moisture in your home.

If you suspect that your home has a mold issue, make sure to call All Pro Restoration Services right away. we are the premiere team to call for water damage restoration in Miami and we can help make sure your home is a healthy place to be again.

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