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Orlando Water Damage Restoration

There is often a lot of misunderstanding about what a water damage restoration company is, what we do, and why working with one is important. Put simply; each year, thousands of homes experience water damage in Orlando. The causes of water damage vary and can result from severe weather, structural failures, man-made accidents, human error, and other events. Thank goodness there are companies like All-Pro Restoration Services that provide Orlando water damage restoration when it is needed the most.

Each year, the cost of water and disaster damage in Florida amounts to more than a billion dollars. All-Pro Restoration Services is IICRC certified and trained to bring you the very best cleanup, repair, and water damage restoration services available to Floridians.

Best Company for Orlando Water Damage Restoration

As the saying goes, "There is a method to our madness." All-Pro Restoration Services uses a scientific approach to water damage restoration, including state-of-the-art equipment and technology, industry-leading standards and safety protocols, and highly trained, IICRC certified technicians to restore our clients' homes and businesses back to pre-loss conditions. A lot of times, our knowledge and experience guide us to salvage what is deemed to be unsalvageable by other restoration firms. It takes a special set of expertise and resources to accomplish what All-Pro has been able to accomplish for its clients over the years, and few have them!

Can My Damaged Items Be Salvaged?

Our goal is to help our clients get their properties and their lives back to normal as quickly as possible following a water damage event. Our unique insights and understanding of the restoration process come from our years of hands-on experience. Imagine the joy a homeowner experiences when we tell them that demolition is not needed when they've been lead to believe that it was the only answer by other "professionals."

Your artwork, computers, electronics, and even your furniture can often be refurbished and made better than brand new.

How Long Does Orlando Water Damage Restoration Take?

The bad news: You are prone to floods and water damage if you live anywhere in Florida, but this is especially true for those who live in South Florida.

The good news: You are probably covered by flood insurance if you live anywhere in the state of Florida.

The average job typically takes less than a week (usually a few days) to complete. But a lot of it depends on the client and their insurance company. Suffice it to say that we'll do our job to help you get your claim processed and paid out so you can get the work done that you need. We'll be sure to provide you with a detailed itemized list, including an accurate estimate and all the documentation you need to speed up the claim process.

We understand that you need to mitigate the damage as best as possible from stopping it from spreading. At the same time, doing it yourself can be risky to your health, and there is a good chance that you might not get it just right.

Orlando Water Damage Restoration
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