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Mold Remediation Florida

When you call All-Pro Restoration Services for mold remediation in Florida, your property will be assigned a Florida state certified mold remediator who will guide you through the mold remediation process. Of course, the first step of the mold remediation process is a mold inspection, which essentially is an investigation of your property. We'll perform this inspection quickly and efficiently, conducting air samples and laboratory tests to get to the bottom of the causes and locations of your mold problem. With this information, we can then create a customized mold remediation plan for you.

All-Pro Restoration Services has been offering customized solutions to help our clients get rid of the mold inside their properties for many, many years now, and we have established a track record of success and proudly boast dozens of 5-star client reviews.

How to Do Mold Remediation in Florida

When we commence the mold remediation process, no one will be allowed to be on the premises, so please, plan accordingly. During the average mold remediation job, you can expect us to treat interior walls, exterior walls, attic beams, and vent systems, which are all common source locations of mold. We'll begin by setting up areas of containment and a negative air pressure unit with a hose leading to the outside to generate ventilation, much like with asbestos removal.

Our team has all of the right safety equipment and gear that is needed to remove mold safely, and we are insured so that the homeowner assumes no liability ever! Any pockets of moisture are then dehydrated with dry vacs. Sometimes, the drywall in a home has been severely affected by mold and or water damage, and it has to be cut out and replaced. There is no way around this in cases of severe drywall damage.

Additional Steps in the Mold Remediation Process

CO2 hydrogenation is used to dry ice the surface where the mold is present. These spots will also be fungal coated. Air scrubbers and a HEPA vacuum will be used to air out the entire premises. This includes every vent, intake, ductwork, coils, and grills in the home. All are filtered and decontaminated by using UV cleaning machines with compressors, as well as airbiotics-infused steamers.
Additionally, air purification with photocatalytic hydroxyl generators will restore your air quality back to a safe and healthy quality. Ozone machines will be placed throughout to eliminate airborne mold spores. Electrostatic disinfecting is often performed to sanitize the affected area and contents, and thermal fogging is utilized to clear the air of contaminants.

Finalizing Mold Remediation in Florida

While finalizing the treatment, multi-materials are discarded, and work areas are checked to ensure that no debris is left behind. All mold remediations performed by All-Pro Restoration Services are done by using organic, biodegradable materials containing no VOCs and are backed by our 100% warranty to give our clients peace of mind.

Mold Remediation Florida
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