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Mold Inspection Miami

If your home or office needs a mold inspection in Miami, you may be like some of our previous clients who have wondered, "Why can't you just take a sample and skip the inspection?" After working with thousands of clients, All-Pro Restoration Services would like to inform you why it is imperative to perform an inspection and take a sample.

Think of the mold inspection process as the investigation. It is during this investigation that we can learn the source of your mold problems. Learning the reasons for mold growth is just as important as discovering the physical mold and making determinations about it through lab analysis.

How Important is the Mold Inspection Process?

We consider the mold inspection process to account for about 75% of the puzzle, while the sampling and testing processes only account for about 25% of the entire process. Naturally, both the inspection and the sampling processes complement one another and need to be conducted together so we can get a clear picture of your mold problem. If the client relies on just one aspect of the investigation, then the results will be fragmented and won't tell the entire story.

What Type of Tools are Used During a Mold Inspection?

The actual inspection process utilizes useful tools that help us tell what type of environment the client is living in and how conducive it is for mold growth. Tools, such as the moisture meter, will test for otherwise hidden actively wet areas, such as drywall, the space below your sinks, and exterior walls. Hydrometers will be used to test for relative humidity inside and outside your home or office, and we will also utilize our own expertise as well as construction knowledge to determine areas of risk.

Call All-Pro Restoration Services for a Full-Scale Mold Inspection in Miami

Whether you are thinking about purchasing a new home, moving into a new building, or if you have had water damage or just believe that there is mold in the home; All-Pro Restoration Services can provide you with a low-cost mold inspection in Miami. In cases where mold removal and remediation is needed, we will help you process your insurance claim as quickly as possible. But what would happen if someone just paid for samples to be taken to try to save money on performing a mold inspection?

What Happens if I Skip the Mold Inspection Process?

The problem with skipping the mold inspection process, without going into great detail about it, is that air quality samples alone may register a negative result, which would give the impression that there is no mold in the home. However, if the mold growth is in its early stages, then there would not be many spores in the air beyond the normal amount that can be found anywhere. After a month or two, you may begin to notice a funny smell, and then you have to call us back for a full-blown mold inspection when you could have saved yourself time and money and done it right the first time.

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