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Hurricane Dorian Renovations

Hurricane Dorian is still advancing along Florida's coasts, hitting the coasts with its category two winds. Fortunately, the impact will be less than expected, but the risks are still latent. There are still many dangers that this natural phenomenon can bring to people and their homes.

Dorian's Impact on Florida

Fortunately, the passage of the second-largest hurricane in history along Florida's coastline will not be as devastating as expected. According to Federal Emergency Management Agency interim administrator Peter Gaynor: “I think we are fortunate that this has a minimal impact on Florida.”

However, the cyclonic storm surge in conjunction with a phenomenon known as “royal tide” has already left its mark. On the state's northwest coast there are already a variety of flooded streets, houses, and buildings. If your property were affected by this natural phenomenon, you would most likely have to do some after Hurricane Dorian renovations. You should know which is the way to proceed to correctly renovate your home.

How to Renovate Your Home After Hurricane Dorian?

First of all, you must document on video all structural and property damage resulting from the passage of the hurricane. This evidence will be of great importance when making pertinent claims before the insurance company.

Next, you should seek the services of an extraordinary renovations company such as All-Pro Restoration Services. These professionals will first proceed to the total extraction of the water product of the flood. Then, you and the specialists will make a tour where there will be a thorough evaluation of the impact of the event on your property.

Once the damage has been evaluated, the contractor will advise you on how to prioritize all the repairs you need to make. Once the general plan is done, you will be able to discuss with the expert issues related to budgets and execution times, to give back to your house 100% operability.

Which Damages Could Dorian Cause to Your Home?

Each case is unique, but these are the main damages that the contractor can help you repair:

  • Damage to the foundations: the flood could cause some weakening of the foundations of the house, so they require attention.
  • Doors & Windows: Strong winds can break glass, or damage the door structure altogether. The contractor will be able to help you replace these elements to return the security of the accesses to your property.
  • Floors: Many Florida homes have floors made of wood, carpet, or some other material that is damaged by water. Request information from your contractor for timely surface replacement.
  • Construction: the impact of the wind might cause some structural damage in some area of the house. The expert can estimate so that you can repair it.
  • Finishes: finally, water and mud leave marks, and you may need to repaint some areas of your home. The expert will be able to assist you so that your home recovers its beautiful appearance.

Need Assistance Making Hurricane Dorian Renovations?

If unfortunately your home has been affected by the passage of this natural phenomenon, you can count on the experts. Allow the specialists at All-Pro Restoration Services to support you and develop a recovery plan for you that will return your home to 100%. We are the reference company in the area, and we are ready to provide world-class service. Contact us.

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