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Florida Keys Storm Damage

A tornado, a hailstorm, a powerful hurricane or a chilly blizzard are all natural events that can cause severe damage to your property. We, at All Pro Restoration Services, are experts in property restoration after any weather-related damages.

What do you have to do after a strong storm?

If your property was subject to damage due to a tornado or a hurricane, before entering the premises, it is essential to stay safe and consult a specialist. Do not enter the building before consulting with a Florida Keys storm damage expert if doubted it sustained structural damage.

You should also get informed by listening to the local radio station and not venture outside your shelter until it is declared safe to do it. In case of strong winds taken down, trees or power poles stay away from downed lines and avoid standing in the water near downed wires.

Cleaning up after a tornado or hurricane

Our licensed Florida Keys storm damage professionals will carry specific works like structural repairs, roofing works or restoration of the electrical network inside the property. However, there are smaller tasks seemingly important that you can tackle:

  • Remove outside and inside (if safe to enter the house) debris, storing it in a safe place
  • Cover leaking roofs to prevent water damage but be careful when climbing ladders
  • Keep moisture outside your home by removing wet carpets and rugs
  • Maintain proper indoor ventilation by opening the windows and running fans if there is water damage

After completing these tasks, it's time to handover balance works to our professionals.

What are the restoration services after a storm?

Property restoration after the storm is a generic term and, depending on the type of damage your property sustained, can include but is not limited to:

  • Removing of downed trees or power poles from your property
  • Restoring the power supply inside the property
  • Fixing roof integrity to prevent water leakages
  • Water and moisture removal to stop wet spots and to avoid mildew and mold appearance
  • Structural repairs

But probably the most important thing for you in the aftermath of a tornado or hurricane is the sense of emergency for immediate reconstruction services, much more quickly than you might expect. We understand the stress created by an unfortunate event, which is why we will make sure that your property is restored to its former glory in full.

What are the steps in a restoration process?

After receiving your emergency call, we deploy our Florida Keys storm damage specialist to your premises for a quick damage assessment. In the same time, we will take the first actions to address any immediate concerns and to prevent further damages.

As part of the All Pro Restoration Services process, we will then remove damaged goods and debris, disposing of them in a secured place. After that, we will perform a thorough cleaning, along with water and fire restoration, roof and gutter repairs and finally garden landscaping and re-modeling.


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