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Flood Restoration Miami

Statistically, floods kill yearly more people and are responsible for more property damage than tornadoes and hurricanes combined. At All Pro Restoration Services, we specialize in restoring water damaged properties after flooding or storm or even after a simple overflowing bathtub or toilet.

Is it possible to save a flooded house?

It is not easy to get a straight answer to this question since a full evaluation has to be carried by a specialist before a verdict. Our professionals in flood restoration in Miami can do a complete survey of your property and issue a comprehensive report.

Considering that sometimes a flood can cause irreversible and long-lasting damage to the integrity of the house structure, one should not be surprised if the report cames out negative even if the outside looks fine. We have to remember that safety remains the priority when dealing with flooding issues, which is why it's best to follow specialist recommendations.

The causes of water damage

Though it is called flood damage, we should not think that water damage occurs only during floods or thunderstorms. A regular leaking or a bursting pipe, a malfunctioning household appliance or the HVAC may equally generate damages when excess water begins to puddle in areas where it shouldn’t.

A right approach, in this case, will be to take proactive steps to safeguard our properties and protect our belongings. It is advisable the moment we notice a leakage to take the corrective action so less work will be later with the water extraction and damage restoration (plus save on costs).

Even a household appliance may appear to be working just fine, as a good practice, it is essential to adhere to the prescribed maintenance plan of the manufacturer to avoid future malfunctionings. At least we have the piece of mind that, even an unexpected event happens, we did what was in our hand to prevent it.

How to recover from a flooded house?

First, we have to take care of ourselves and the ones close to us and to make sure that everybody is safe and secured. Next step will be to give your house the first aid, keeping in mind that we are providing flood restoration in Miami on short notice and all year round.

Our specialist will then advise if it is any structural damage and the first measures to be taken considering that a flood can affect a property in 3 ways:

  • Wood and wallboards can swell or rot and electrical parts exposed to prolonged humidity can give an electrical shock
  • Mud and unknown contaminants are not only dirty but can also be unhealthy
  • Dampness can lead to mildew, mold or fungus which again are posing a risk to health

Removing or at least lowering the humidity will be one of the first actions to be taken available at your hand. Our team at All Pro Restoration Services for flood restoration in Miami will proceed to restore the structural integrity, the utilities, do a thorough cleaning and the final assessment before advising to move in.

Flood Restoration Miami
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