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Fire Damage Restoration Service

There is no question that fire is one of the most devastating disasters our property can come across.  And like this was not distressing enough already, the headache that follows can mount in the coming days without the reliable support of All-Pro Restoration Services skilled specialists.

What is a fire damage restoration service?

Simply put, this service refers to the act of repairing the damages caused by fire-related events. These damages can occur in 2 ways: directly caused by the flames or indirectly caused by the smoke and other corrosive substances emitted by the fire. By removing the fire effects through an adequate restoration process, we are bringing the property value back to the initial cost.

You may have taken all preventing measures suggested by the fire department, you may even have extinguishers installed in all the rooms yet, you couldn’t stop the fire on time.

Sometimes, no matter how many cautions we take or what kind of fire extinguishers or alarms we use, a moment of distraction or a flaw in the system may unleash the chaos. Specialists are advising to install proper fire emergency equipment; otherwise, we can do very little to suppress the flames. And after all, once the disaster has happened, we are left having to deal with the dust-covered items, burned walls, and blackened surfaces, which are the typical problems in an aftermath scenario.

Improper or unprofessional cleaning may only remove the dirt but will not fully restore a devastated property. This is where our fire damage restoration professionals are taking a decisive role in providing the comfort and relief, removing all the foul scent and particles left behind. We should not neglect respiratory problems that can occur from prolonged smoke and soot exposure or the scent of smoke absorbed by furniture or walls.

How does fire damage restoration work?

From the beginning, we should understand that not all fires are the same, and there is no panacea to property restoration after a fire. Usually, the process takes place in 3 steps:

  1. Site security

A property exposed to the fire where owners are not living is vulnerable to unwanted intruders or damages caused by vandalism. We will temporarily seal all access points, including openings on exterior walls or roof to prevent possible water intrusion. Securing the site in advance is ideal for optimal results.

  1. Damage assessment

A certified fire damage restoration service technician will inspect the fire and smoke affected areas and will issue a restoration plan. The same will be discussed with the owner to ensure we meet your needs and expectations to the point.

  1. Damage Removal and Cleaning

During this stage, specialized personnel will proceed with removing the source of fire and cause of odors.  Our technicians will dispose of all materials that are beyond repair while restoring and cleaning everything salvageable.

All these procedures will ensure you will get your property back in its initial state, or at least salvage whatever is possible. At All Pro Restoration Services, we offer quality, high-tech procedures, and immediate results.

Fire Damage Restoration Service
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